You are NOT co-dependent.

You are NOT alone.

You ARE a woman on a courageous journey to rebuild your life while receiving comfort and hope.

Despite the pain you are feeling, you have choices. You can choose to stay in your marriage. You can choose to leave your marriage, either temporarily or permanently. And no matter what you do, you can choose to create a life of renewed security, love, and forgiveness.

Life may have handed you an opportunity to make changes you never dreamed possible.

As a Certified Relationship Coach who has lived with the pain and trauma of my own husband’s sexual addiction, I am here to give you compassionate support as you move beyond the heartache toward the life you will design.

Are you ready to start healing?
About Connie

I never aspired to be a Coach for wives of sex addicts but when I found out my husband, the father of our three children, had betrayed our marriage vows, I found myself in a world I’d never imagined.

“I decided that I would not waste the pain: I would help other women get out from under the deep-seated shame they carry so they can create the life they dream of living.”

For years, I lived with an enormous amount of grief, pain, anger and most of all shame. After huge attempts and years of trying to save our marriage, we divorced, but deep down I knew there was a way for him to recover and for me to heal and forgive so we could be a family once more. I persistently researched sexual addiction, attended SA seminars, learned from other wives of sex addicts and earned my coaching certification through The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

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Your betrayed heart can be restored. Start healing TODAY.
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Connie and Bob Featured in New Life Ministries Interview
November 11, 2016  | By Connie Spiegel

In a candid interview, Bob and Connie Spiegel discuss their journey from what they thought was a healthy marriage, through divorce and remarriage.  Together, they face his  battle against sexual addition to recover their marriage and their family, and bring hope to others with the same challenges.  Click below to listen to the whole interview:

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